Useful Software Testing Myths

Useful Software Testing Myths

Users determine the popularity and profitability of a software application by user experiences. The user experience depends on functionality, accessibility, usability, performance, and security across different platforms. Therefore, it is important for companies to focus on user experience and the quality of their software applications throughout the software development phases.

There are different types of enterprises. Some of them implement formal software testing strategies to launch a quality software application. Many companies test software applications continuously in the real environment. On the other hand, a large number of companies don’t realize the importance of software application testing methods. They believe in several software testing myths during the software development phase;

Common Myths about Software Testing in Software Development

  1. Testing Phase Increases Time to Market

Enterprises try to reduce the software application launch time to market during software development. The testing phase takes considerable time and effort to determine its quality under different conditions and requirements. Therefore, many businesses believe that software testing increases the software to market time. So each business setup tries different options to test its software applications without increasing this time. They use different technologies to develop and test software applications.

  1. Increase in Cost Due To Testing

The cost of software development is increased because a company has to deploy skilled testers and the latest tools for the evaluation of the software. But companies try to reduce this cost in different ways. They try open source and free testing tools to reduce the cost and time. The results of software testing can help to increase revenue by avoiding correction and maintenance costs.

  1. Manual Testing Is Almost Obsolete

Test automation tools help professionals to execute and repeat a variety of tests to evaluate the software applications. It does not put any extra time and effort. Therefore, companies automate the testing phase in the software development process. They ignore different shortcomings of automation tools due to the lack of imagination and decision-making abilities. These tools cannot assess user experience and application usability precisely. A software application should deliver a reasonable user experience to become a profitable and popular application. Therefore, a company must have a team of human testers and automation tools to evaluate software precisely.

software development

software development

  1. Testing Makes An Application Flawless

Testers apply a variety of tasks to evaluate the accessibility, usability, security, functionality, user experience, and performance of software applications. It is an important part of the process of software development. They identify all the performance issues and defects before the launch of the software application. Its results show whether the software application meets the predefined requirements. The user experience may vary depending on the environment and conditions. Testers cannot identify bugs and defects of software applications precisely even after performing and repeating various tests. Therefore, every business should be ready to get the issues and bugs after the release of a software application.

  1. Software Testing And Developers

An enterprise should deploy skilled testers to evaluate the software application precisely. They need to know its quality and effectiveness thoroughly. The programmers and testers can work together to speed up the testing process. Developers can evaluate the quality of the software by performing unit testing and integration testing in the software development process. It is a project management approach in which enterprises test their software applications continuously. Enterprises use a combined team of testers and programmers.

  1. Testing Phase Starts After Software Development

In the conventional waterfall model, the software is tested after the completion of its development process. But this model does not fulfill the complex requirements. In other software testing models,  programmers and testers work together to evaluate the software application. Therefore, the testing phase starts from the initial phase of software development.

  1. Testing Without Skilled Testers

Most testers believe that their job is to find bugs and defects in the testing phase of software development. They should know that software testing need skills and creativity. Entrepreneurs get their software tools tested by random users also. Real users test software in the real environment to judge its usability and user experience. The experienced testers test software tools under different conditions and environments. Because they know how to identify the bugs, defects, and issues in the software by performing different tests. They, sometimes apply decision-making to test the software tools precisely.